Additional Backdrop stands $10 per session in studio


Backdrop stands for hire outside studio $30 per day


Seamless paper 9ft  $35 per day (off site)

Seamless paper 5ft  $15 per day (off site)

Pocket wizard transceivers/receivers $50 per session


Hair light boom: $15 per session


Beauty Dish: $15 per session


Octobox Softbox: $15 per session


Softbox: $15 per hour


Parabolic Umbrella's: $15 per session


Variety of reflectors small, medium, large: $10 per session


Variety of Polyprop/Vinyl Drops and Flooring: $25 per session


Single Light Kit: $50 per session

Two Piece Light Kit: $100 per session

Three Piece Light Kit: $150 per session

Four Piece Light Kit: $200 per session

Five+ Lighting Kit: $300 per session

LED lights: $20 each per session


Other props and accessories are also available upon request.

All lighting and accessories are for in STUDIO USE ONLY. Lighting equipment is not rented for off-site use.