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So, it's official, the time has finally come to put away the swimsuit and flip flops for another year and trade them for cosy sweaters, cute boots and a whole lot of pumpkin spice lattes! And honestly, we're not mad about it, bit! Fall is our favourite season after all!!

So with the change of season, we figured it's only right to change things up here at Studio Collective too! Introducing our latest cosy set design, inspired by all things Fall!! You and your clients can enjoy the plush soft fabrics in gorgeous, vibrant jewel tones that make Studio B - our Intimate Lifestyle and Boudoir Studio, the ultimate space for creating those beautiful (and sexy) photos this fall.

Our aim is to provide a beautiful space for you to create luscious images, with an ambience that will make your clients feel right at home! How did we do? Does Studio B's new look inspire your creativity? If you are looking to rent a space that gives you this and SO much more, we'd love to hear from you!! And who knows, we might even have a warm seasonal beverage waiting for you too!! <3 We can't wait to see what' you create in this space friends and remember to always.....create a great day!!

Aroha and Kayla


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