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FINALLY!! We are SO excited you can't EVEN imagine!!! With the recent news that the Province of Ontario has entered into Stage Two of opening for some small businesses, we are SO happy to say, we can now "open our doors" again to all our amazing customers and welcome you back into the Studio. YAAAAASSS! Of course, with everything that's been happening in the world the past few months, life as we know it, has been turned upside! The same can be said for our business BUT...during the "downtime" we had been busy getting it all prepared for when we could reopen...and it looks like that time is finally here! Of course, we have all the required Covid Health and Safety protocols in place, along with a few additional precautionary measures that we have implemented too, just to make sure everyone who visits the studio, remains safe and well. This means "business as usual" for ourselves and our customers, does look a little different. We have made a few tweaks here and there, and also changed some processes on how to book studio spaces. We have implemented a new booking system and also a BRAND NEW STUDIO too! But we'll chat about that a little later. Our studio space is in alignment with the safe practice of "social distancing" so that means there a few limitations with regard to the number of people we can have access our studio spaces at one time. Currently that number stands at 5 people max per studio for any one booking. Personal Protective Equipment in the form of gloves and masks are provided for each of our customers and their guests. We ask you and your guests to kindly use of these items while you are in the studio. We have also introduced a Pre-Screening Covid form that ALL our customers AND their guests/clients will need to complete before arriving on site. This is important to remember and is now a part of our new health and safety policy. These are in place for your's and your clients own safety and ours too. So....NO EXCEPTIONS! So, other than that, we are absolutely GOOD TO GO folks! And to celebrate our return....we have an amazing WELCOME BACK promotion on offer to get you back in the studio creating and doing your thaaaang!! Check out the details below and if you want to take us up on this amazing opportunity to spend some extra "free" time in our studio spaces, click the BOOK A STUDIO tab on the menu page and reserve your studio TODAY!! Promotion is on offer until July 31st, 2020,so don't miss out! We will have more news updates to share with you all soon but for now, we just want to say, we can't wait to see you all in our studio spaces again. We've MISSED YOU! See you all soon!!! Aroha and Mai xoxo




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